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Numerous Live recordings (mainly with the Kairos Quartet) for broadcasting stations such as the BBC, Bavarian Radio, Deutschlandfunk, DeutschlandRadio, Hessischer Rundfunk, ORF, RAI, RIAS, SFB, SWR, Radio DRS, Radio Slovenja, Radio France, WDR a.o.

Various documentary CDs, a.o. of the “Darmstaedter Ferienkurse” 1998 and the “Dresdner Tage für zeitgenoessische Musik” 1999/2000.

Among my most recent activites have been two mutual performances with the Salzburg based visual artist Astrid Rieder. We created two "compositions graphiques", the first one together with Claudius von Wrochem (violoncello), the second one just the two of us. You can watch parts of the first creation (Oct. 12, 2016 in Astrid's studio in Salzburg) on the quartet's vimeo channel or the full version on Astrid's youtube channel. Parts of the second performance (Oct. 13, 2018 in Astrid's studio in Salzburg) have not been published yet.

CDs (selection)

Early Music

* Lusatia Superior (Music of the 17th cent. Oberlausitz); Ensemble für Alte Musik Dresden, Raumklang 1996

* J. Ladislaus Dussek Piano Concertos; Concerto Köln with Andreas Staier (Pianoforte), Capriccio 1995

* Johann. S. Bach 4th and 5th Brandenburg Concertos; Ensemble La Stravaganza Hamburg, EMI 1994

* Luigi Boccherini Cello Concertos; Akademie für Alte Musik with Ivan Monighetti (Cello), Berlin Classics 1993


Contemporary (Art) Music

* Marina Khorkova String Quartet (No. 1), Kairos Quartet, Edition zeitgenössische Musik, Wergo 2016

* "mientras" (Arnold Schoenberg 2nd String Quartet and Soprano op. 10 f-sharp major, Sabine Panzer mientras), Kairos Quartett, Angelika Luz (soprano), Edition Zeitklang 2016

* Knut Müller String Quartets, Kairos Quartett, Edition Zeitklang 2012

* Jay Schwartz Music for Five Strings; Kairos Quartett and Matthias Bauer (Kb), Wergo 2009

* Orm Finnendahl Fälschung for Streichqu., Ghettoblaster und Live-Elektronik; Kairos Quartett, Reihe Musik in Deutschland 1950–2000 Box 14, Sony Music/BMG 2008

* Enno Poppe Tier, Kairos Quartett, Collegno (Portrait Poppe), 2005

* Georg F. Haas String Quartets Nr. 1 a. 2;Kairos Quartett, Edition Zeitklang, 2004

* “Interpretenportrait” (L. Berio, J. Estrada, G. Kurtág, K. Müller); Kairos Quartett, Edition Zeitklang, 2001

* Viera Janarcekova String quartet No. 5; Kairos Quartett, Musica Viva (Portrait Janarcekova), 2000

* Wolfgang Glaser Quartet for Baritone Saxophone and String Trio; with Linda Bangs (Raschér Saxophone Quartett), Wolfgang Bender (Violin), and Claudius von Wrochem (Cello), Coronet, 1998



numerous life video recordings of performances with the Kairos Quartet can be found on our vimeo channel.

DVD: Nocturne, documentary film about the Kairos Quartet and the Russian composer Dmitri Kourlianski; director and idea: Ingo Biermann, Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie, 2011

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